randomtengureporter whispered:
"What other equipment do you carry around?" And please don't mind the bird staring into the lamp either; he's just entranced. So prettttttty.

"Not a considerable amount, Mr Yuutamo. Only a rapier, sometimes a longbow, and the clothes on my back, but even still that’s only when I’m out of Makai. In my home or in Makai I hardly carry a thing outside of money."

randomtengureporter whispered:
Closed down? Fuck that, I saw activity. It's question time. "I've seen you with that lamp more than a few times, Ms Y'Voina; is it some artifact from a war or something?" Daichi asked as he juggled the M59, 67, and 68 sisters.

"It was once a light by which I guided the souls of the slain off the battlefield on which they perished. Sometimes they would find their way whichever heaven or afterlife they were meant for, those who did not find their path followed me to Makai and an end most unfortunate. Most of the time that was."


Tchaikovsky's “Marche Slave”. Neeme Järvi conducting the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Damn you.

"Cannons aren’t musical instruments? Goes to show what you know. Tchaikovsky was a genius of his time."


Tchaikovsky's “Marche Slave”. Neeme Järvi conducting the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Somme. The whole history of the world cannot contain a more ghastly word.
Friedrich Steinbrecher, German officer, 1916 (via poi-poi-motherfuckers)
If ever there is another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans.

This profoundly prophetic quote is attributed to Prince Otto Von Bismarck (in 1890), the first Chancellor of Germany. While Bismarck was correct he could not have know it would be a war perpetuated by a German government, albeit an expansionist one that had forced him to resign.

100 years ago today, the ‘damned silly thing in the Balkans’ materialised as the German-supported Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia.

(via historicalfirearms)


The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,

And all the beauty, all that wealth ever gave,

Awaits alike the inevitable hour.

The Paths of Glory lead but to the grave.

(Source: replicant.co.vu)

randomtengureporter whispered:
"Do you remember all the mudfoot war individually, or do they all sort of blur together, Ms Y'Voina? There must be an awful lot to remember."

"Some of them do seem to merge into one blur but those are ones that happened when I was given life by mother millenia ago. Wars which happen three hundred or four hundred years ago are fresher memories ans I said, even though it was one hundred years ago to this day the beginning of man’s Great War feels like it was only yesterday. All my wars, no matter when they occurred are logged in their own individual book or volume and kept in the record room of my home."